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What can a plastic cosmetic packaging company do to help restoring our planet to its former glory?

Contribute to sustainable movement, by continuously improving our facilities with sustainability in mind, and develop options for sustainable cosmetic packaging.

We can save the planet togather

LimeX Packaging

PT. Kemas limestone based plastic. A sustainable material mainly made of limestone from the PT. Kemas Research & Development

Earth, a planet of STONES

Limestone, which is the raw material of LimeX is a resource that can be self-sufficient even in Japan, where resources are scarce.

Limestone is said to be resource with a very low risk of depletion compare to oil, water and forests resouces.

Because it is a resource that is abundant everywhere, we believe it can be save the world.

TBM’s Own Technology

Own pallet and sheet – patent registered in over 40 countries.

LimeX Pallet is designed to mold over 50% of CaCO3. The good uniformity of CaCO3 dispersion enable far less performance drop compared with that of conventional mineral filler masterbatch.

LimeX Sheet can be an alternatives for paper and plastic film. It’s suitable for farious converting such as printing (UV), die cutting, laminating, thermal / ultrasonic sealing, etc.

LimeX Packaging

  • Reduce oil-based resin & CO2 in  a cost effective manner
  • Recycleable and contribute to circular economy
  • Save natural resource such as water & tree
  • Manufacture locally & consume locally with abundant limestones

Supported by Japanese Goverment for Circular Economy. New recycling plant is planned to start operation from falls 2022, in Yokohama city at Kanagawa prefecture, which declares “Yokosuka City Zero Carbon City“.

LimeX Pallet in KEMAS

Here are applications made from LimeX pellets tested & produced by PT. KEMAS Research and Development

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KEMAS – LimeX Packaging

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